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Look for my Virtual Building Blog

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on October 3, 2009

I expect Linden Lab to ask me to change my blog address because it had an “S” and an “L” in front of the word “builder”.

So, here I am starting a new blog that will use none of those two letters if it can be avoided. Look for Ethos Erlanger’s Virtual Building Blog.

We may not be able to use VW to refer to Virtual Worlds either. I expect to hear from Volkswagen about that one too.

I am hereby coining the words “First Virtual World” and the letters FVW to be used as my own, with exclusive rights. In otherwords, I have just copyrighted these two terms. You may see me use it liberally (or not. As I choose.) I intend it to mean the preferred place to be when I am in my full virtual glory. This may not be in “their” virtual region, or it might be, but it may become a generic term for the place I choose at the time.  Almost like the term “Home”. Gee, I wish I had copyrighted that word. It has a warm ring to it.

Now. On to other world!

Enjoy your Virtual Life.

Ethos Erlanger


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