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Index of Viewers for Second Life and Open Simulator

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on July 23, 2009

I thought I would use this post to list the viewers that I have tried and any comments about them.  I should try to figure out how to post a chart or spreadsheet that shows some of the key features. (I’ve never posted a chart before.)

Here’s a start.

1)  Second Life

2)  Hippo

3)  Meerkat

4)  RealXtend


1) The Second Life viewer may seem like it is the defacto standard, but there are subtle differences between all of the viewers.   I think of it as one of many. It is built around some of the features that are unique to Second Life and that are an inherent part of the product that Linden lab offers. in the context of SL, it is evolving.  Some features of the viewer are always being tweeked and that can be both good and bad. Features get moved around and some features are relegated to the advanced menu and are forgotten or ignored.

You may find me comparing the other viewers to the Second Life viewer simply because I believe everyone knows it and can related to it as a reference. This fact will not indicate that I have a preference for the Second Life viewer.

2) Hippo – to be written

3) Meerkat – to be written

4) RealXtend – to be written


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