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Building – The Guggenheim

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on September 22, 2009

The Guggenheim is a large project. At a scale that I am familiar with, the Erlanger Scale, it will be approximately 100 meters wide and about 60 meters deep. The Erlanger Scale is a scale factor of 1.6x. Remember that the main rotunda in Real Life is listed in many documents as having the dome 95 feet above the floor. Well, translated to SL, this is about 47 meter high. And the Annex Building (designed by Gwathmey Siegel) is 135 feet tall or 67 meters tall in SL.

I did a study of the ramp that winds counter-clockwise up and around the rotunda. As my avatar walked down the six stories and quarter mile path I was at the ground level in slightly over 3 minutes.  This translates to a walking speed (more like a brisk trot) of about 5 miles per hour. This brings me back to the realization of the need for a “museum walk” as I have discussed before. This is one of the few areas where I allow myself to complain a bit about Linden Lab not allowing us the controls needed to manage the walking speed of our avatar.

Enjoy your Second Life,



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Massing of The Guggenheim on a Sim Map

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on May 28, 2009

The Guggenheim on a Sim Map

The Guggenheim on a Sim Map of ARCH Network

I put out a 10×10 meter Sim Map of ARCH Network, and then created a scale massing model of The Guggenheim to see what it might look like. The space shown here is in the Northeast quadrant of Arch Network and is just North of the newly reopened Dakota Skies Gallery and this photo gives you an idea of what The Guggenheim might look like in Second Life.  The space needed to display this architectural icon by Frank Lloyd Wright would be more than 1/4 sim.  When it is finally built, it will be an aid to everyone who is striving to grasp the shape, size and spacial interplay of this wonderful work of art.

Enjoy your Second Life … E

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My Quest For The Guggenheim

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on May 28, 2009

Massing of The Guggenheim on a 10x10 Sim Map

Massing of The Guggenheim on a 10x10 Sim Map

This quest started about two weeks ago. Well, the idea is older than this, but the journey began when I took the first step forward.   I sent an email directly to the Guggenheim Museum in NYC asking for their help in obtaining dimensioned drawings of the building that we all know of as “The Guggenheim”.  I had not done this before.  Making contact with such an institution is not part of my daily activities.  I did inquire with a few friends in Second life and asked for their advice on how to approach them.  I got a few ideas from my friends, but I soon realized my feelings of unpreparedness where just feelings inside me.  I had no guidebook to go by.  There are no travelogues that show the way for me to follow.  So, I took Torley’s advice when he wrote:  “No Single Right Path”.  What I got from his wisdom was: “Just Do Things Your Own Way.”  (I paraphrase)  Often I am a perfectionist.  I want my work in this life and the other to be of the highest quality.  This, as you know, often leads to procrastination.  So, I jumped in feet first.  I wrote an email.  Now that I have yet to hear from them, I am sure they are busy.  So today, I called and left a voice message.  Geeze, I hope I am not bothering them.  I really want to build the Guggenheim in Second Life.

Then I said to myself: “Self” Just Do It!  I phoned Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects LLC.  I wrote an email to The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.  And, I wrote to ArchitectureWeek to ask each of them where I might find the information I needed to recreate this icon of architecture.

Have I covered all the bases?  Was I polite and clear in describing my needs to them?  I do not know, but I will push on until I am deeply immersed in the creation of the Guggenheim in Second Life.

I hope you will follow me along on my journey.  If you can help, I will appreciate it.

Did you read the post I wrote about the TourCam?  The idea really got started long ago when I first though of doing the Guggenheim.  When I visualized the magnitude of the long spiral, I knew the standard avatar walk was not right for The Guggenheim.  I am still searching for the right solution to slow down the speed of the walk so that it is more suited to a thoughtful, reflective walk through a museum such as this.

Enjoy your Second Life … E

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Cecilia Delacroix offers art and more to SL citizens

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on April 13, 2009

Cecilia Delacroix

Cecilia Delacroix

There will be many Posts about Cecilia and her work in Second Life.

Her passions are many and varied.  On the surface she is interested in art and artists, music and musicians, photography, wine and coffee. Most of all she is interested in people and good conversation.  A complex, warm and caring person, she offers all of this to the public in second life.

Visit one or more of her parks and museums in Second Life.  More links and photos to come in future posts.

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