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Twitter and Fresh Ideas – Scripting

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on June 21, 2009

My daughter warned me! She said “Twitter is OK, but it can be over stimulating” and followed with: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

What did she mean “overstimulating”?

There are a lot of fresh ideas that I have been exposed to through twitter. Some good daily doses of genuine humor. Some good links to topics that I had heretofore not been exposed.

This “over-stimulation” is a good thing.

The freshest idea came to me when a new tweeter  began following me named @freeSLscripts. Actually, it was not anything they said. The name alone made me want to ask: “Where can I find well-commented scripts that I can learn from?” The SL wiki is not always clear about the use of some script instructions. And, my learning of the LSL is best done when I see something in-context with some comments that explain what is going on in the script.

So, for anyone out there interested in learning or teaching scripts, please share the best of your knowledge with good meaningful comments in your scripts.


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The Tour Cam Opens My Eyes

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on June 10, 2009

I am receiving a great deal of scripting help from Ty Jaehun as I struggle to overcome the inherent shortcomings of Seconds Life’s physics and avatar walking velocity.  Actually, she is doing all the hard work in this effort.

I made a gadget to wear that would apply a force back on me as I walked forward. Then I learn that this would slow me down to a point that I could not climb stairs.  I also tested impulse. I almost think that the forward impulse may work better.  Maybe even a llMoveToTarget will work.  The script is being developed to allow the use of an animation to allow my avatar to appear to walk slower and take shorter steps.

Second Life Walking is Nothing Like Real Life

To prepare for the writing of the animation specifications, I needed to see just how long a standard SL avatar stride is.  (I define a stride as being the length of one leg moving forward.) Well folks, here is the shocker.  As I walked from one location to another that was 20 meters apart. It takes only 18 strides. This is approximately 1.1 meters and sorta close to 44 inches.  You try this in your real life and see what you get.

This is so far removed from being a scale-like walk it is something I would like to put in as a JIRA request for an added feature.  I almost think we need two or three more ways to control the speed of a walk.  Linden Labs should find a way to allow the avatar size to control the walking speed and stride length.

A standard walk should be slower and realistic. A brisk outdoor walk can be a bit less than what we have now as the current stride and speed.  Then a jog could be approximately what is available now as a “Run”. Finally a full out run should be available from Linden Labs that would look like a real sprint and be faster than anything available now.

Enjoy your Second Life… E

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The Size Change Test

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on May 26, 2009

A Test Video.


Well, I was doing a quick test of a script to change the size of a prim.  Seems like such a simple thing. Then I read that there is a 0.2 second delay built into the llSetScale so I wanted my test script to run without seeing the effect of the default time delay. The way I did that was to add my own delay of 0.75 seconds with the llSleep.


So I put the 0.75 second delay into it and watched the effect.

I am puzzled by the way I see the first size change increase from a 1x1x1 cube to the 2x2x2 as a somewhat gradual growing in size. Then, as it changes back to the smaller size, it jumps back in an instant.  So….. I start wondering why it appears differently when it gets larger than when it gets smaller.

Here’s what I always do when I have a scripting question. I send a full mod copy to my friend Ty and ask her “why?”.  I think she knows everything about the LSL scripting language so I figured she would know this answer or at least know how to find the answer in the LSL wiki.

Sorry Ty…  (I bet you start getting lots of calls now to help fix other peoples scripts.)

What she said was that for her it appears to jumps from small to large and back again. So I ask another friend and the answer was totally the opposite of what I see. It appears to jump from small to large and gradually reduce its size fron large to small.

So, now, I have a video of what I see to show you.  Run this script in a prim and see what you see.

Enjoy your Second Life … E

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