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Linden Labs Should Fix the Avatar Walking Speed

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on June 23, 2009

I have finally decided to speak up about the state of simulation in Second Life. It stinks!

The speed of the walk at 3.19 meters per second (mps) is incredibly unusable for anything other than a game.  I am trying to create the slow walk. Why? Because Linden Labs can’t attack the problem of the [physics engine/avatar walk] in any logical way that simulates real human motion.  Why is it impossible to have an avatar walk up stairs without a velocity equal to 3.19 mps? Hold the space bar down and you walk slowly. But now your avatar is unable to climb stairs.

This affects machinima artists and architectural walk through simulations.

The following is what I wrote in a new feature request on the SL JIRA #SVC-4445: (Please vote for it

When using the space bar to slow down the avatar walk, there is no longer enough force applied to the avatar for them to walk up steps or ascend an incline. Currently the standard walking speed is 3.19+ mps (approx. 11.48 KPH) which is unrealistic unless you are taking a brisk walk in the country, or trying to get to English class in a 3 minute passing period. A good speed for the slow walk would be about 0.75 mps to 1.00 mps but it should still allow an avatar to step up an incline equal to a scale set of stairs that would approximate 7.75″ rise x 11″ run or approx. a 35 degree angle.

This is critical to the future use of SL as a tool for architectural collaboration and a realistic casual walk-through of the interior of any scale model of a building of any size or scale.

FOOTNOTE: 3.19 meters/second = 11.48 Kilometers/Hour = 7.13 Mile/Hour


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The Tour Cam Opens My Eyes

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on June 10, 2009

I am receiving a great deal of scripting help from Ty Jaehun as I struggle to overcome the inherent shortcomings of Seconds Life’s physics and avatar walking velocity.  Actually, she is doing all the hard work in this effort.

I made a gadget to wear that would apply a force back on me as I walked forward. Then I learn that this would slow me down to a point that I could not climb stairs.  I also tested impulse. I almost think that the forward impulse may work better.  Maybe even a llMoveToTarget will work.  The script is being developed to allow the use of an animation to allow my avatar to appear to walk slower and take shorter steps.

Second Life Walking is Nothing Like Real Life

To prepare for the writing of the animation specifications, I needed to see just how long a standard SL avatar stride is.  (I define a stride as being the length of one leg moving forward.) Well folks, here is the shocker.  As I walked from one location to another that was 20 meters apart. It takes only 18 strides. This is approximately 1.1 meters and sorta close to 44 inches.  You try this in your real life and see what you get.

This is so far removed from being a scale-like walk it is something I would like to put in as a JIRA request for an added feature.  I almost think we need two or three more ways to control the speed of a walk.  Linden Labs should find a way to allow the avatar size to control the walking speed and stride length.

A standard walk should be slower and realistic. A brisk outdoor walk can be a bit less than what we have now as the current stride and speed.  Then a jog could be approximately what is available now as a “Run”. Finally a full out run should be available from Linden Labs that would look like a real sprint and be faster than anything available now.

Enjoy your Second Life… E

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The BuilderCam by Erlanger Design

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on May 19, 2009

The BuilderCam TourCam is a HUD that I designed to allow you to walk through Second Life and look in the direction you are walking or facing from the vantage point and at the exact same level as your avatar’s eyes.

The home in this video is displayed in Second Life on Architecture Island by Crescendo Design.  I recorded this video using a HUD that I designed called a BuilderCam TourCam. The idea of this camera is that it allows you to view in front of the avatar as you walk and still have the use of your mouse for any normal activity you would use your mouse for such as touching objects, opening doors or editing an object.

Other uses I have found for the BuilderCam TourCam include building. This HUD provides a convenient way to work without having your avatar get between you and your work. Flying is possible with this cam but not as fully functional as without it. The BuilderCam TourCam is really intended for walking and level-ground standing avatar use.

Slow walking can be achieved by holding the space bar down as you walk. Try it and see how you like the slow-motion feeling you get. You will need to let up on the space bar to go up stairs or any inclined surface.

Arrangements are being made to freely distribute this BuilderCam TourCam at Architecture Island.

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Octagon Building Tutorial – Finally Complete

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on May 1, 2009

This tutorial is the first by Ethos Erlanger.  I hope this is is just the beginning and not simply a one-hit wonder.

Octagon Building Tutorial

The videos that preceded this final version are now gone from the YouTube site. I just hope I did not break any links to the older partially complete tutorial and disappoint anyone in the process.

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Why Is It Taking So Long…….? — Now I’m Done!!!

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on April 30, 2009

DONE!!! YAY!!!

I just finished the task of combining the video, music and finally the voiceover narration.  View this tutorial here.

It will be a minimum of 40 minutes to upload the video file to YouTube.  I do hope you enjoy it and send me feedback on my first ever completely original video tutorial. See all my video files on YouTube.


I just added music to the Octagon Construction Tutorial.  This required me to add a short page to the credits at the end of the tutorial.  I am working on another large construction projects and must give it the attention it is due, so videos and blogs are a lower priority.  Regarding the voiceover description for my construction tutorial, I am learning my video tutorial skills with little tiny steps and feel confident the voice will be added soon. Stay tuned.

The video assembly tools are pretty simple to use. I am using Windows Movie Maker. Doing anything for the first time is slow for many people.  I respect those that venture into uncharted waters. I am a cautious explorer except when it come to building.

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Water Faucet – THE MOVIE

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on April 10, 2009

Well folks, I did it! The first ever Wide Screen HD video made by me in Second Life.

Water Faucet - THE MOVIE

Water Faucet - THE MOVIE

The next big challenge will be music or voice over or both.

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Working on Videos

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on April 10, 2009

Nothing to show this time.

Just more attempts to find the best way to capture, store, and process the video from Second Life to then upload to YouTube so that I can then link to them from this blogsite.

I am trying to do HD widescreen, but it is not working out yet.  I am sure it will come together soon.

I am also hoping that you will all be able to enjoy the HD videos that I am able to capture in SL.

You can see all of Ethos Erlanger’s YouTube Videos even if they are not yet linked to an individual post on this blog.  Or, you may copy/paste this URL into you browser:

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