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Why Is It Taking So Long…….? — Now I’m Done!!!

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on April 30, 2009

DONE!!! YAY!!!

I just finished the task of combining the video, music and finally the voiceover narration.  View this tutorial here.

It will be a minimum of 40 minutes to upload the video file to YouTube.  I do hope you enjoy it and send me feedback on my first ever completely original video tutorial. See all my video files on YouTube.


I just added music to the Octagon Construction Tutorial.  This required me to add a short page to the credits at the end of the tutorial.  I am working on another large construction projects and must give it the attention it is due, so videos and blogs are a lower priority.  Regarding the voiceover description for my construction tutorial, I am learning my video tutorial skills with little tiny steps and feel confident the voice will be added soon. Stay tuned.

The video assembly tools are pretty simple to use. I am using Windows Movie Maker. Doing anything for the first time is slow for many people.  I respect those that venture into uncharted waters. I am a cautious explorer except when it come to building.


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Transverse Thoughts

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on April 30, 2009

I am drawn to ideas that can be applied to both the metaverse and well as the terraverse.

I call these ideas Transverse Thoughts.  This is my use of the word transverse.  Don’t look it up.  It won’t be there with this new meaning.  It is just one of the many new words or meanings of words that creep into the English language every year.  This meaning I want to force with my own gentle pressure into the minds of the world.

The result of this….  is a new category of mine for links over to the right side of the page.   I thought of this word because I needed a suitable category for Torley’s post on his site.  Go see it.  Read it.  Absorb it.  It will do you good.

A variant of this word usage will be Transverse Ideas. I am sure to do some pondering over the subtle difference of what an Idea is that makes it different than a Thought.  Let the pondering begin.

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