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Fallingwater in a Virtual World

Fallingwater in Second Life

Fallingwater in Second Life

This  Fallingwater has been in Second Life for more than two years now. I owe a personal debt to Lox Salomon for allowing me to ride his coat tails and work along with him as we recreated Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece. Lox was way ahead of me in his understanding of this structure and he had a smaller scale version on his own land. Lox knew the size would never allow avatars to move freely through it and the house needed to be built larger to be easily entered in SL. When I met him I proposed working together and that was the beginning of a long road. Along the way we met and worked with Ty Jaehun and Cecilia Delacroix. Few works in Second Life are the work of one person and this was no exception.

Other bloggers have written about this build and I appreciate that. I hope from time to time to add more photos and information about this and other examples of great architecture in SL.  Perhaps you may even get to see a part of the FLW’s Second Life here in my blog.

The most important part of this story is the efforts from my friends in SL that made this project come to life and endure.

I intend to expand this page as my time permit. What started out as a post will now be a permanent page.


One Response to “Fallingwater in a Virtual World”

  1. orc said

    I know I can search for it… but how about a slurl? or just the hint of “Campus d’Arte – In the heart of , Schwanson Schlegel (156, 168, 27)”?

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