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My Friends in Virtual Worlds

I have several close friends who have remained for an extended time in Second Life.  Not everyone stays active in SL.  Those people who do stay often grow over time.  You may call it evolving.

I will highlight those who have produced Second Life content.  Human nature will make some of my friends seek reassurance that they are not forgotten if they do not see their work shown here.  That is not the case.  I will be highlighting those works of general interest and mostly focusing on building, texturing, scripting, sculpting, teaching, landscaping, architecture, art, wine, music, musicians, theater, photography, machinima, and related topics.

Some friends are close and others are casual acquaintances.  Being mentioned in my blog is not a rating system or a score card.  So if you never see your name here, then relax…. chill…. remember…. you are still a friend.

Friends are like warm clothes in the night air… best when their old and we miss them the most when their gone. Paul Williams


2 Responses to “My Friends in Virtual Worlds”

  1. Hylee said

    I really like what you have written here. I am very proud to call you my friend.

  2. Echo Whittlesea said

    Thank you for adding me and my Flickr page to your website E. I am honoured :o)

    Ethos was my first friend in SL. He taught me a lot and was a great introduction to the amazing world of Second Life.


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