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About Ethos Erlanger

Now that a current photo of Ethos is available from Second Life, I will move more towards writing than setting up this blogsite.

After being in SL for a couple years now, Ethos got a subtle makeover and a pair of glasses. Having never taken a photo of himself with this new look until now,  he realized he needed one for this blog.  He whipped out his trusty PixelFlex and snapped away.

Ethos Erlanger

Ethos Erlanger 2009

Way to go, E.

The first rendering of Ethos looked more like the photo below and lasted well over a year.  I am actually loosing track of when I made changes like this to my avatar.

Ethos, the Early Days

Ethos, the Early Days

We all want to look our best both in the metaverse and the terraverse.

This is Ethos’ idea of sexy shoes.

Ethos' Sexy Shoes

The Most Comfortable Work Boots In Second Life


One Response to “About Ethos Erlanger”

  1. LapisLazuli Tomorrow said

    that bottom pic is the e that i remember the most .. the build you did for me at alpenglow was memorable … and the current pic .. looking good guy … love the glasses

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